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We promote access and  engagement in education for young people who are not reaching their potential due to a range of educational, social or emotional difficulties such as:

Literacy difficulties (reading difficulties, dyslexia etc.)

Numeracy difficulties (problems with learning and applying mathematical concepts, dyscalculia etc.)

Attention problems (including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder)

Executive function and decision making problems, theory of mind and other related problems such as autistic spectrum disorders/Asperger's’ syndrome


Small group and one to one tuition in a supportive learning environment (can also accommodate online face to face learning).

Different students learn in different ways.  From well founded research based approaches such as the Orton-Gillingham method of teaching phonics to play based approaches to developing numeracy, we follow the IBO's key aspects of differentiated approaches to teaching and learning:

Affirming Identity and building self esteem

Value prior knowledge


Extending Learning


Learning diversity and inclusion in IB programmes 2016, pp6-7

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Social skills and life skills

School readiness through building positive experiences.

Every child is different.  See our research papers published on this website to get a feel for how our experience could support your child to understand what is expected from them in school, how they can improve their own experience at school and how to develop positive peer relationships.  

What some children understand instinctively, others need to be taught in a more direct way.  We believe in working with parents or guardians along with schools to put the child's best interests at the centre of our social skills programs.

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Professional  Development 

Inclusive education depends on shared knowledge and skills and a commitment to staff development

Creating inclusive schools and access and engagement for all learners is an ongoing process: a journey as opposed to a destination.
See our research published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences to get a feel for our approach . Staff training and development plans can help your school become proactive and responsive to the challenges inherent in creating fully inclusive learning environments.

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