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Testimonials - published with permission.

Thanks for all your help with our students. They made good progress with you. Good luck with the business - Phnom Penh definitely needs you 

Grade 1 Class Teacher at one of Phnom Penh’s top international IB schools

‘Thank you for the work that you have done with Mike over the last year.

We feel very confident with him entering school in the US, thanks to you both.  His capabilities have improved dramatically and we are thrilled that he can actually read books to us now’.

Parents of a Grade 1 student at one of Phnom Penh’s top international IB schools.  The student had been receiving one hour of tuition per week and had joined our summer school for two weeks before heading back to the USA.

George has been working with my son  (diagnosed with dyslexia), both in an international school context and online via Zoom for about 2.5 years. When he started learning support with George in Year 3, he was years behind in terms of reading and writing, and thanks to the excellent support he received, he has caught up at incredible pace and established strong literacy foundations which allow him to function almost normally at grade level now. George has always been extremely patient, encouraging and resourceful, and has established a trusting relationship with John, making the weekly work sessions beneficial and enjoyable. As a parent, I have always appreciated George's professionalism, diligence and extended knowledge of literacy support. I would highly recommend George to parents of children with learning difficulties.

Parent  of student I worked with between year 3 and 5 across different countries both in a n IB international school and online following the family relocating.

1 year down the road George Cowie and I cannot sing your praises enough. I am so grateful for meeting you. You have not just helped our son to read, you have done SOOOO MUCH more.

You have given me the glimpse of our life that it can be ‘normal’ my son will make it. I have always known he is smart and intelligent but not many in teaching positions have treated him that way, not many have given him the time of day!!!

There are only a few people in teaching position that get pride of place in our life, you George DEFINITELY rank up high.

Thank you for all your dedication, PATIENCE, effort, not giving up, your humour and most of all BELIEVING in X and giving him confidence (and me).

He has gone from a G1/2 reader I would say to being able to read almost everything fluently. Maybe not yet at Gr6 level, but with your help & effort I am sure he will get there.

I cannot sing George & Learning Support Asia’s praises enough.

If you’re here in PNH and need help with your child - please do not hesitate to contact him.

Current student.

Thank you for your help, Eric really enjoys his sessions with you and is proud of his progress.

Parent of a year 3 student with  'high cognitive potential associated with dyslexia' according to an independent psychologist report.

Dear George

I shall always be grateful for getting my daughter back on track with her core skills, notably with writing, numeracy and the associated benefits of raised self confidence due to your patience, insight and follow through care. Your liaison with her class teachers and teaching assistants resulted in a coordinated and seamless learning programme that my daughter enjoyed and was a stakeholder within herself. 

Many thanks and with deep appreciation.   - Parent of a year 6 student.

I'd like to thank you for your support: Alex really enjoyed his sessions with you and we noticed an improvement in his writing and reading skills which is really nice and reassuring to see!

Thank you 

Parent of year 3 student with a diagnosis of dyslexia from an independent education psychologist

Thank you George for working so well with our son. You picked up where his difficulties were early and for that I am forever grateful that we can now tailor his lessons to suit him. We saw definite improvement in his reading and writing under your guidance and in turn this grew his confidence.  Parent of year 4 student who I helped to identify as dyslexic in an international school.

I see John making progress. In fact the last couple of days, John and I have had some really good reading time and he surprised me with just how well his reading has come along. We seem to have made a bit of a breakthrough. 

I am very happy with the support John’s been getting from both the school, yourself and the Dyslexia Association - Parent of a year 3 student.

Hi George, 

I will look forward to meeting with you to discuss Michael's steady progress. He will miss you. Your class is the one place that he feels like he can achieve like all other students. Right now, he does not understand why everyone else loves to go to school  -   Parent of year 3 student with dyslexia and behaviour difficulties

Mr Cowie had been an excellent Learning Support Teacher.  Going through Year 11 was a struggle for my son, but Mr Cowie took it upon himself, to help my son to a great extent.

He did so, not only with much patience, but with immense understanding, by giving the latitude which my son needed, for him to carry out his daily school routines.  Mr Cowie would always say that the door to his room is open and that my son could approach him for help anytime, and THAT to a parent with a special needs child, is more than heartening.   

Hi George

I just wanted to say thanks for your flexibility in working with Harry.  Both at school and online he enjoyed participating in your literacy sessions and he responded well to your gentle encouragement - Parent of year 3 student

'Dear George

Thank you for helping my son transition into the IBO system of learning and for helping him to develop his confidence and to adapt to the different behaviour expectations at a new school.  He is now much happier participating in lessons with his peers - Parent of year 7 student with a diagnosis of ADHD and dyslexia new to the IB system

George has been my daughter’s tutor since young age. He patiently guided her and helped her structure her work. Despite the fact that she was diagnosed with learning challenges, especially in Math and English, through the help of this support she was able to catch up with the average level of her peers by year 8.Thank you for the continuous and we are very pleased with the results - Parent of year 9 student

Thank you for helping Ahmed and Jamala in mathematics. They made great progress working with you for a short time online. You made them feel comfortable to learn. We will be in touch with you in case they need help again in future. I will share your website with my friends. My best wishes for success. - Mother of year 5 and year 7 students who had some disruption to their education due to relocating and then the pandemic.  I worked with them both on booster mathematics sessions online using google meet and google docs and other interactive tools such as products

Thank you, George, for supporting Alan in developing his confidence with your phonics, spelling and reading program.  He has really developed his vocabulary and is a much more confident in his reading and writing skills following your support - Parent of year 8 student identified as having speech and language difficulties by an education psychologist.  This student made a 2 and a half year's progress in reading and writing skills in one academic year.

Thank you for helping my son to actually enjoy practicing and developing his spelling skills - Parent of year 3 student identified as being not progressing at the expected rate in literacy development. 

Thanks George, for helping Andy to work on his reading.  Sometimes he is reluctant to work with his teachers, but he responded well to your gentle manner and the fun activities you provided - Parents of Year 2 boy who had made almost no recordable academic progress over an academic year in mainstream classes.  We worked together in his home over the summer break.

At 11-years old, our son, whilst bright, struggled with ideation and organizing himself to complete his schoolwork. Learning support was suggested by the school and Mr George Cowie worked with our son to overcome his struggles. Over a period of 2-school years, our son was able to handle his academic workload unassisted. This improvement is the result of Mr Cowie’s diligent and empathetic guidance and support  - Parent of year 9 student enrolled in school at year 7 on condition of receiving Learning Support.  This student ultimately overcame his own barriers to learning as outlined by an education psychologist.

We have had the pleasure of having Mr. George Cowie as Jack's Learning Support Teacher in Year 12 and Year 13.  Jack often struggles with his studies due a specific learning disability and was at the verge of not being able to graduate from High School.  With Mr. Cowie's intervention in working with his teachers and the Diploma Programme Coordinator in school, Jack managed to enrol himself in courses which he enjoys and is recognised as part of the High School Diploma Programme.    


Mr Cowie coached Jack during his scheduled hours and often allowed Jack to use his classroom as a venue for Jack to study and complete his school work.  Through Mr Cowie's professional coaching and with  years of  experience in teaching and working with students  of various ages and learning disabilities,  Mr Cowie knew exactly how to help each student discover their inner strengths and bring out the best in them.  This is indeed a life skill which is truly priceless to every child and their parents.


Mr Cowie often goes over and above his teaching hours to support parents like myself and is very prompt with his responses to every enquiry we sent him.  We highly recommend Mr George Cowie in his current endeavour that he has chosen in his profession.

George's commitment to ensuring children (and teachers) thrive is evidenced in his practices. He brings a gentle and systematic approach to supporting language development and independent skills acquisition for all aged learners and was instrumental in supporting the Early Years' department at RISS to improve and embed learning and teaching strategies. While George's passion and professionalism shines through without bias or judgement, it does so with good humour and personality. You're in 'good hands' with George! 

Kerry Perandis

Reception Teacher, Key Stage Leader & Pedagogical Reasearch & Development team

 I wish to recommend George Cowie as a teacher of Learning Support. I was delighted to offer George a job in my school Northfield Academy several years ago. George had a very calm nature which meant students worked well for him. He had a very good knowledge of the skills required and a good approach to get the very best out of all students assigned to him. His teaching skills are excellent so 

I thoroughly recommend Learning  

Thomas Watt, M.A., (maths) 1976 M.A. ( special education needs). 2001. Former  Head of Support for Learning Northfield Academy, Aberdeen, Scotland (1983- , 2016) and advisor in Special Educational Needs for a number of agencies in Scotland 1990- 2010

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