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Is it ADHD, AD or HD?

Is it ADHD, AD or HD?

Confused? You are not alone. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of those terms that you often hear in discourse about school, behaviour and exclusion which in the past at least, has covered a wide range of behaviours.

I myself am not sure how to discern between poor behaviour choices and the extent to which people who present these behaviours are unable to control their words and actions.

Instinctively, I feel, as with most nature/nurture types of dilemma, the truth lies somewhere in between.

However, as with autistic spectrum disorders, a ‘diagnosis’ of ADHD in many of the world's richer countries can lead to access to services and support. In countries such as Cambodia, these services may not be available to all families, but again, thinking

in terms of ADHD when considering troubling behaviours can give them context and can help people to access support online and in the wider community. Information is power.

If you are concerned that you or someone you know may have ADHD, a psychologist or some other professional who is certified to conduct an assessment are the people to talk to.

However, if you are merely curious and have no one else to talk to, I suggest you take a look at these very brief questionnaires as a starting point.

Copy of Inattention Diagnostic
PDF • 56KB

Hyperactivity Diagnostic (1)
PDF • 63KB

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