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Is it autism?

If you are concerned that you or someone you know may be autistic, nothing will be more useful than an independent evaluation by someone trained to conduct these such as a psychologist.

In Western countries there is a great emphasis on getting an official diagnoses for a variety of reasons, but one of the main ones is that this will lead to the person receiving the diagnosis getting access to services and therapies which are paid for by the state.

In countries such as Cambodia these services will not necessarily be available and if they are they may be too expensive for local people to access.

However, understanding and recognising autistic traits in ourselves and others, particularly our children, can put challenging or curious behaviours in a context that makes these easier to understand.

You can also access a wide variety of resources from the internet, join supportive online communities and educate yourself and others (for example, teachers), about your child's individual needs.

The following online tests are a good place to start.

The Childhood Autism Spectrum Test, developed by Cambridge University can be found here. It is for parents to complete on behalf of their children.

We have translated the questions into Khmer here:

Childhood Autism Spectrum Test (Khmer)
Download P • 70KB

If you think that you or another adult that you know may be on the autism spectrum, you or they can fill in this self assessment form also from Cambridge University Autism Research Centre.

We have also translated these questions into Khmer here:

Autism Spectrum Quotient (Khmer)
Download PDF • 126KB

Please note that all people have some of these characteristics, and the list of questions is not definitive - it is merely a place to start to explore any concerns you may have that you or someone you know may be on the autism spectrum.

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